A7 CONFERENCES realizes its substantial impact on the social and economic development of Ukraine and other countries and acknowledges its responsibility to the local societies. A7 CONFERENCES is committed to the principles of sustainable development and corporate responsibility. The principles of sustainable development are defined by the group’s Management and are followed by all employees of the group.

Our sustainability reflects both who we are as an international group and our aspirations for the future; it shapes what and how we do it. Corporate Social Responsibility is an opportunity for the business community to meet and exceed the expectations of clients, consumers, employees, governments and other stakeholders beyond their statutory obligations. Being a great place to work is dependent on a positive, innovative culture as well as a supportive workplace.

To maintain our competitive advantages on the global markets today and in future we should meet international standards of environmental protection and work safety, improve professional skills of our employees and contribute to development of local communities.

Being the high client centered international group includes understanding the importance clients place on shared values and, increasingly, to respond to social and environmental concerns.

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