About us

A7 CONFERENCES was founded in 2010 and is the top-tier business events organiser in Ukraine, A7 is also a professional content & logistics event planning services provider focused on the audience of only the C-level executives. A7 is the leading events provider in the financial and educational sectors of Ukraine. Since 2010 A7 gathered more than 4 000 participants and held more than 50 small, medium and large-scale events in Ukraine (Central, Eastern and Western parts) and in USA (NYC).

A7 CONFERENCES is a part of A7 GROUP.

The following three features of A7 CONFERENCES’ team experience distinguish them as a professional events planning & management professionals:

  • A7 originally is an independent high-profile event organiser of its own public events on a very difficult emerging market as Ukraine and in one of the most challenging sectors of economy as finance and investments. 100% of A7’s own events are financed by sponsors and participants fees. Being an organiser of your own events in a very challenging business environment, macroeconomic situation and unstable political situation gives you the best experience in organising all kind of people’s unity during the uncertain times. After getting experience of organising A7’s own events the company’s management decided to expand the team’s experience also into events organised by other organisations and to help them also organise events on the highest level of speakers, participants, top media representatives and with the gold-standard of venue & logistics management. No one can better understand the Client’s needs than the Company who is also a Client.
  • More than 80% of the participants of A7’s events are representatives of the C-level executives with such positions as Founder, Owner, Chairman of the Board, Vice President, General Manager, Managing Partner, Board Member, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Investment Officer, Executive Director, Sales Director, Head of the Representative Office, Ambassador, Commercial Attache and their First Deputies. We know how to satisfy the highest needs of such honourable audience and how to provide them the best experience and service.
  • A7 is the only public events services provider in Ukraine that involves on project-basis the best professionals in the sector on a volunteership framework if such support is needed. A7 has a possibility not only manage volunteers’ efforts, but to find the best volunteers for the specific project and to measure their results. The purpose of involving volunteers in event organising is that you can find the best professionals in the needed sector who are not usually available for supporting other’s initiatives and for sure you as an organised cannot effort to have a very expensive professionals in a very tight budget but when you invite high-profile volunteers you could have the best expertise in a money-saving budget.
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